AHS Florida Snowbirds

Arcola High School alumni who are "Snowbirds" in Florida assembled for a Get-Together on February 25, 2016. The event was hosted by Gail and Andy Walton at Camden Lakes in Naples, FL. Attending were Mary (Johns) & Jim Baird, Cinda (Thompson) & Mike Berry, Billiejean (Arthur) & John "Corky" Clark, Karen & Bob Coombe, Mary Ann & Lyle Johns, Pat (Harris) & Denny Johnson, Marilyn & Richard Keal, Sally (Garrett) Krasuski, Anne & Jim Monahan, JoEllen & Joe Monahan, Joan & Tim Monahan, Peggy (Key) & Ron Strange, Beth (Hull) & Ron Vyverberg, and Gail & Andy Walton.

AHS Alumni Attending
Front Row, L-R: Mary (Johns) Baird, Billiejean (Arthur) Clark, Sally (Garrett) Krasuski, Cinda (Thompson) Beery, Denny Johnson, Beth (Hull) Vyverberg, Peggy (Key) Strange, and Pat (Harris) Young
Back Row, L-R: Joe Monahan, Lyle Johns, Andy Walton, John "Corky" Clark, Richard Keal, Jim Monahan, Tim Monahan, Ron Vyverberg, Ron Strange, and Bob Coombe.

Scenes from the 2016 AHS FL Snowbirds reunion

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