Class of 1964

Pictured below are members of the Arcola High School Class of 1964 at the reunion banquet on July 19, 2014.

Front Row, L-R: Randy Rothrock, Bob Foster, Linda Duhamell Lytle, Valerie Wirth Curtis, Jo Ann Boesiger Beyers, Connie Morgan Shaw and Dorothy Miller
2nd Row, L-R: Donna Myers Smith, Linda Morris Thompson, Janice Ghere Gee, Brenda Bollman Wightman, Carolyn Runck Randall, Phyllis Green Turner, Suzy Bowers Mast, Ruth Ann Perkins Yoder, Dean Shaw
3rd Row, L-R: Jerry Partlow, Bill Thornhill, Gene Good, Jeanie Stewart Rogers, Rochelle Daum Ginder, Donna Smith McLaughlin, Connie Ghere Walton, Suzy Stump Saunders, John Otto
4th Row, L-R: Bill Nacke, Doug Belles, Rob Williams, Terry Miller, Allen Yoder, Milton Helmuth, Dee Ghere McCollum, Larry Jinkins
5th Row, L-R: Mike Hilgenberg, Norman Baker, Betty Cummings Relienge, Suzanne Monfort Gray, Mike Doyle, Jerry McCollum, Sam Walton

Donna Smith McLaughlin and Connie Morgan Shaw

Ann and Bill Thornhill

Jo Ann Boesiger Beyers and Carolyn Runck Randall

Rob Williams, Suzy Bowers Mast, and Suzanne Monfort Gray

Terry Gee, Janice Ghere Gee, and Jeanie Stewart Rogers

Linda Morris Thompson and Linda Duhamell Lytle

Dee Ghere McCollum, Jerry McCollum, Connie Ghere Walton, and Sam Walton

Gene and Karen Good

Mike Doyle, Donna Myers Smith, and John Otto

Jan Belles (wife of Doug Belles) and Brenda Bollman Wightman

Donna Myers Smith, Rochelle Daum Ginder, and Betty Cummings Relienge

Jerry Partlow, Terry Miller, and Dorothy Miller

Kay Kleiss (Science teacher), Ruth Ann Perkins Yoder and Allen Yoder

Larry Jinkins and John Otto

Ruth Ann Perkins Yoder, Darryl Dague, (son of deceased classmate, Joe Dague), and Rochelle Daum Ginder

Cindi Rothrock, (wife of Randy Rothrock) and Valerie Wirth Curtis

Carolyn Runck Randall, Connie Ghere Walton, and Linda Duhamell Lytle

John Otto, Dean Shaw, and Milton Helmuth

Janet and Bill Nacke

Randy Rothrock and Terry Miller

Standing, L-R: Doug Belles, Rob Williams, Mike Hilgenberg, Norman Baker
Seated, L-R: Bob Foster, and Allen Yoder

Phyllis Green Turner and Suzy Stump Saunders

Photos courtesy of Rochelle Daum Ginder

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