Class of 1956

The 55-year reunion of the Arcola High School Class of 1956 was held the weekend of September 16-18, 2011. On Friday evening, an informal gathering was held at Itíll Do Bar & Grill in Arcola. Some of the folks went to the homecoming football game before joining the group later.

On Saturday, September 17, Dr. Robert Arrol took some of the class members on a tour of the school. Class members said it was interesting to see all the new additions to the school. A Saturday night dinner was held at Kaskaskia Country Club. A memorial service honoring the deceased members was held. They include Patsy Stewart, Elby Wallace, Carl Hudson, Melvin James, Don VanDeveer, Larry Cox, Alma Shaw, Mary Key, Jessie Brandon, Phyllis Younger, Bill Young, Roger Foss, Eileen Reimer, Jerry Perkins, Helen Dague, Dee Lindenmeyer and Ronnie Gibson. The buffet was attended by 17 members and spouses, with two widows also attending. Classmates who attended were Ed Ashley and Dorothy, Jack Barnes and Pat, Barbara Harris Birch, Barbara Curry Browning and Jack, Dan Curry and Dixie, Liz Carroll Evans and Bill Harrington, Denny Johnson, David Lawrence and Thelma, Wilma Key Price, Dick Prout and Patty, Joann Hawkey Rogers, Phyllis Vickroy Rogers, Dean Sanders and Shirley, Ron Uphoff and Darlene, John Van Voorhis and Audrey, Jim Vogel, Jack Fishel and Lynda, Pat (Bill) Young and Janis (Don) VanDeveer.

On Sunday morning, 18 classmates and guests met at the Dutch Kitchen for breakfast and to say good-byes.

Photo courtesy of Slack Publications.

Pictured above are members of the Arcola High School Class of 1956 during a dinner September 17, 2011 at Kaskaskia Country Club.
Front row (L-R): Denny Johnson, Joann Hawkey Rogers, Barbara Curry Browning, Mary Elizabeth Carroll Evans, Barbara Harris Birch, Dick Prout and Ed Ashley.
Back row: David Lawrence, Jack Fishel, Phyllis Vickroy Rogers, Dan Curry, Jim Vogel, John Van Voorhis, Jack Barnes, Wilma Key Price, Dean Sanders and Ron Uphoff.

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