Class of 1936

Pictures of the Class of 1936 graduates have not yet been located. The graduates are:
Helen Baker
Cathern Barnes
Charles Brown
Lillian Campbell
John Chancy
Arthur Davis
Beryl Dillman
Craig Dillman
Richard Duncan
Mary Easton
Mildred Edgar
Elizabeth Ann Ewing
James Fairbanks
Dorothy Gamble
Eleanor Gardner
Neva Gilbert
Jean Green
William Greenwood
Challys Hamman
Stanley Hilgenberg
Altan Ray Honn, Jr.
Ella Kearney
Dorothy Kinney
Lois Lewis
Francis Maier
Lela Miller
James Munson
Roberta Peak
Mildred Roodell
Thomas Stansbery
Donald Stump
Asa Thomas
Wilma Thompson
Virginia Thornton
Leon Vogel
Marcus Watson
Gerald Wiese
Phillip Wood
Henry Zimmerman

If you have information related to the Class of 1936 graduates, please contact an Arcola Alumni Association board member or via Email.

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