Class of 1927

Elmer S. Allen, Jr.

Russel Bryant

Dale Bullard

Lenore Campbell

Eunice Collins

Roger Daugherty

Mary Catherine Dehart

Esther Ewald

Gertrude Ghere

Ulainee Ghere

John Paul Gordon

Erma Henby

Charles Herrington

Wilma Knaus

Erna Kniker

George Lins, Jr.

Clara Lloyd

Pearl Lundy

Clement McGahey

Gertrude Mills

Tom Monahan

Lois Moyer

John Murphy

Cora Nohren

David Pollack

Mabel Roberts

Gertrude Seih

Thelma Shaffer

Kenneth Shrader

Ida Smith

Mildred Stump

Blanche Waters

Lyle Watson

Edgar Wilmeth

Administration - Faculty - Staff

W. G. Rowe

Board of Education
Front Row, Left to Right: Clarence Johnson, Clarence Coombe, John Jones`
Back Row, Left to Right: George Ewing, John Clisby, John Skinner, Harry Waters

Walter Baysinger

Helen Clark

Fredarica Edgar

Henry Fischer

Mary Adell Funk

M. Wyman Glenn

Mildred Jones

L. W. Knowles

Edna Ludolph

Lois Moore

Lucille Morris

Mrs. W. G. Rowe

D. C. Snedaker

Myrtle Van Horn
William Dulgar

William Todd

Mrs. William Todd
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