Class of 1898

Pictures of the Class of 1898 graduates have not yet been located. The graduates are:
Edward Breuhaus
Harry Coombe
Bert Davis
Fred Ewing
Elmer Hartford
Maude Jones
Delldia Lackey (Mrs. E. Watson)
Maude Orcutt (Mrs. Fred Ewing)
Warren Reed
Lizzie Spelman (Mrs. J. W. Wright)
Nelle Smith (Mrs. L. Little)
Bessie Todd
Cora Truitt (Mrs. R. E. Gere)
Anna Wahl (Mrs. D. Winterringer)
Everett Watson

The photo above is the 1894 Arcola High School football team. Class of 1898 members in the photo are:
Middle row: Bert Davis (Far right)

Photos and identities provided by Randy Rothrock, Mike Monahan and Rankin Publishing, Inc.

The source of the Class of 1898 names is the Alumni Directory published in the 1922 Torch. If you have information related to the Class of 1898 graduates, please contact an Arcola Alumni Association board member or via Email.

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