Class of 1885

Pictures of the Class of 1885 graduates have not yet been located. The graduates are:
J. L. Avey
Maude I. Avey (Mrs. J. I. Widmeyer)
J. P. Barricklow
H. P. Cofer
Alice Easley
W. M. Ewing
Jennie E. Harden (Mrs. C. C. Woolley)
J. Del Henry
Anna B. Jacobs (Mrs. D. B. Foster)
Clara Jones (Mrs. C. C. Holden)
Theodore Kemp
Minnie R. Matters (Mrs. Ed Snyder)
Minnie McBride, (Mrs. W. T. Avey)
Mamie Midwinter
Sallie Moore
Ida M. Snoddy (Mrs. W. A. Rosecrans)
Del Walters (Mrs. Mel Crews)
Nettie Watson (Mrs. Edgar Mulliken)
Cora W. Woodworth (Mrs. C. V. Heeb)

The source of the Class of 1885 names is the Alumni Directory published in the 1922 Torch. If you have information related to the Class of 1885 graduates, please contact an Arcola Alumni Association board member or via Email.

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